Architects and Engineers

Sometimes developing the design is the easy part.  Keeping all of the Contractors on your project on the same page can be a much more difficult task. That’s why BB-Bid is fast becoming the Architect and Engineer’s choice for distributing plans and specs to their project team.


The BB-Bid Network has over 8,000 General Contractors using its tools to run their preconstruction process. In addition, over 200,000 unique visitors (subs and suppliers) review plan and spec files through the BB-Bid Private Plan Room

Keep your project on budget and avoid the risk of not having your entire team on the same page with BB-Bid.

Manage your Contacts

  • Maintain a complete and up-to-date online database of Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers, safely and securely
  • Utilize the ‘My Vendor’ option exclusively or share it enterprise-wide 
  • Take advantage of Blue Book Business Intelligence to enhance your contact information

What the BB-Bid Difference means for your business!

Manage your vendors your way and enhance your decision making so you can quickly find the information you need to find the right company for your project and mitigate your risk!

Manage your prequalification process

  • Analyze, qualify and certify vendors to mitigate risk
  • Customize and create forms with the specific information you need to enable smart decision-making in hiring your project team
  • Secure communication and automated updates from your selected vendors streamline the process

What the BB-Bid Difference means for your business!

With the ability to send customized prequalification forms you can get the specific, targeted information you need to minimize your risk. Self-update capability for vendors, along with Blue Book Business Intelligence ensure you are getting the most current and complete information so you can make more educated decisions.

Manage your Documents

  • Moving your plans and specs from your workspace to a private, secure on-line plan room with BB-Bid’s Syncware plan room tool is simple and secure
  • Only those vendors that you select and communicate with will have access to these plans
  • Monitor the usage of the plan room to help mitigate risk when you want to make sure addenda have been reviewed 
  • Best of all, The Blue Book Network handles all of the training for GCs, Subs and Suppliers so you can be assured that your project will be received and reviewed by your project team 

What the BB-Bid Difference means for your business!

Save time distributing and updating documents and ensure that your project team is always viewing the most current information. Ensure documents are being shared in a secure environment and save your owners thousands in printing costs.

Manage your Communication

  • Capture opens and views to ensure you are in control of your project communications 
  • Blue Book Network personnel will ensure delivery of your emails to make sure your messages get delivered



What the BB-Bid Difference means for your business!

Avoid wasted time following up on emails and stay in control of all your project communication.

Simplify the Pre-Construction Process

  • Access to the entire Blue Book Intelligence Search Engine
  • Communicate your project to the right players in the industry 
  • BB-Bid support staff will work with you to let the industry know you will be communicating your next project directly in the BB-Bid Network 
  • The Blue Book also provides a free digital take-off and mark-up tool to anyone working in the network further simplifying the digital workflow process

What the BB-Bid Difference means for your business!

Get competitive, intelligent bids and quickly find the contractors and suppliers you need. 

Take control of your preconstruction process today and save your owners thousands in printing and carrier costs, while building a highly qualified team.