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    Get-Bids - The power of BB-Bid in your pocket!

    Using Get-Bid is as easy as 1-2-3! After you launch the Get-Bids Application, we recommend that:

    1. You visit the settings panel, so you can enter your contact information and save it to the app.

    2. Visit the project screen and fill out your project information and…

    3. Hit Submit Form and wait for the bids to come to you!

    Note: You can also review all of your bid requests submitted with the application, provided you chose that option in the settings panel.

    In today’s competitive bidding climate, you need the ability to quickly get prices from qualified vendors. The Blue Book Network can help. With our premier database of subcontractors and suppliers, plus a dedicated team of project specialists ready to help you, finding and communicating with vendors has never been easier. Simply fill out the form below and we will immediately communicate your project needs to the right players for you – FREE!

    Want to take the controls yourself? No Problem!

    BB-Bid is The Project Communication Solution for:
    General Contractors
    Suppliers and Manufacturers
    Architects and Engineers
    Owners and Facility Managers

    With BB-Bid, you can:

    • Upload your private vendors
    • Select vendors from The Blue Book Network database
    • Prequalify your vendors
    • Build a private plan room
    • Securely send your messages
    • Track and manage responses
    • asd

    Click here to take a closer look at BB-Bid or promote your project – NOW! Simply fill out the form below or contact the GC BB-Bid Support Team at (855) 805-2560.



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